FDM internal structure image

SLS and MJF 

It is recommended that any sections which are greater in thickness than 7mm for SLS or 10mm for MJF have hollow sections in order to maintain part geometry and minimise warping. Sections greater than 7mm and 10mm are susceptible to warping due to the concentrated energy (heat) located in the part during printing.

In some cases orientating the part at an angle inside the printer can negate warping, as the reduced cross-sectional area minimises the amount of energy used in the layering process. Where it is recommended to hollow a part it may also be preferable to remove all support material too, therefore a drain hole will be added as well (see Support Material)

Ricoh 3D will analyse parts that have large regions above 7mm and will either orientate or hollow, to reduce the possibilities of warping during printing. This will be done by our engineers prior to printing and does not need to be considered during the design stage.

Consideration of drain holes and thicker hollow sections will be undertaken by our engineers prior to printing, and we will always seek approval from you first.

All files sent to Ricoh 3D are analysed prior to the printing process. We will advise of any issues with the geometry that may lead to problems during printing or post processing.

Hollow Sections

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