The medical sector is one of the most exciting for 3D printing. The technology is already being used to change lives for the better – and there is much more to come.

Most people will probably have read news stories about synthetic hearts and livers, but fewer people know how 3D printing is being used in the here and now in the medical industry.

At Ricoh 3D we have already been involved in exciting medical projects that have made living conditions better for thousands of people.

Our experts worked alongside health care professionals at The Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) to develop a lever-hinge mechanism for ankle-foot orthotics.

The 3D model has made it much easier for patients to put on and take off their orthotic. 

The lever-hinge mechanism is now in full production and has been very well received by users.

Our team have also been involved in revolutionary new technology which sees limbs scanned and precisely replicated using a 3D printer prior to operation.

Medical 3D printing gives surgeons the chance to analyse the problem and formulate a plan of action prior to the patient going to theatre. This strategy has been proven to save time and, crucially, money, as well as minimising potential trauma.

Surgical instruments can also be produced using AM and are typically used for intricate operations.

The customisation of 3D printing is also exciting for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs as they can be produced to fit the patient perfectly, and the dental industry has used the technology for restorations, castable crowns and bridges.

Why choose Ricoh 3D? 

Ricoh 3D offers the latest additive manufacturing technologies and already has a strong portfolio in the medical sphere. 

Our team worked with ORLAU to create an ankle-foot orthotic lever mechanism which is now in full production, and we have also been involved in other innovative projects to improve the lives of those having operations, or those in need of prosthetics. 

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