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Ricoh 3D is focussed on providing you with a seamless service offering, to enable you to turn your designs into reality.

You understand and agree that you will remain the legal producer and manufacturer responsible for the item for which our service is used. The design of the item, choice of materials, legal compliance, fitness/suitability for purpose and safety are matters for you, not Ricoh.

In submitting an order, you will ensure, amongst other matters, that neither the design file nor the proposed finished item will:

  • contravene any applicable laws, regulations, standards and/or other legal or customary requirements including but not limited to those applicable in England and Wales and/or in the jurisdiction(s) in which you are or your company or organisation is located and any jurisdiction(s) in which any end user of any item will be or is located; 
  • be considered to be defamatory, obscene, offensive, indecent, malicious, hateful or inflammatory; 
  • be pornographic or sexually explicit; 
  • be used or capable of use to promote violence, war or terrorism; 
  • be used or capable of use to create a risk to a person’s health or safety or public health or safety; 
  • promote, constitute or be used as part of any illegal or unlawful activity; 
  • use any Ricoh name or trademark in connection with the item including on any packaging, instruction manual or other accompanying documentation or material
  • give the impression it results from the provision of the Services by Ricoh. 

In addition, and without limiting the above, we wish to highlight (in accordance our terms and conditions) that there are certain items for which our services will not be provided in any circumstances. By submitting an order you commit and will ensure that neither the design file nor the proposed finished item:

  • is intended to be used for an illegal or criminal purpose
  • is intended to cause harm to yourself or others
  • can be used as, have the appearance of, or be intended for use or in connection with: 
  • a firearm or a component of a firearm
  • a weapon or a component of a weapon
  • an explosive or incendiary device or a component of an explosive or incendiary device
  • is an item possession of which would be a criminal offence in the UK or in any jurisdiction into which the item is to be supplied.

The above list may change over time, and you should ensure that you check this web page before submitting each order to ensure that your order complies with these requirements.

Ricoh retains an absolute discretion as to whether it accepts any order: see our terms and conditions for more detail. 

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