FDM is the most widely available 3D printing process, mainly used for design verification with rapid turnaround times and a range of material colours.

Explore our selection of thermoplastic and fused deposition modelling (FDM) printing materials to cover all performance and aesthetic requirements (with a selection of colours depending on the build material) including : ABS-ESD7, ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ASA, Nylon 12, Nylon CF, PC, PC-ABS, PC-ISO, ULTEM1010, ULTEM9085.

FDM Materials

  • Industrial tooling: forming tool

    ULTEM™ 9085

    Flame-retardant high-performance thermoplastic
  • Collection of aerospace parts

    ULTEM™ 1010

    The strongest and most durable thermoplastic on the market
  • Automotive application: vehicle pedal

    NYLON 12 CF

    Useful for strong but lightweight tooling applications
  • Full-scale vehicle grill – spare part

    NYLON 12

    Primarily used in 3D aerospace, automotive and consumer goods industries
  • Educational model used by Alzheimer’s Research UK


    Outstanding UV stability and mechanical properties
  • Envelope feeding aid used in commercial printing


    Stronger than standard FDM ABS material
  • ABS-ESD7


    Durable and electrostatic-dissipative thermoplastic

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