• True carbon fibre composite
  • Extraordinary heat performance (melting point 340⁰C)
  • Flame retardant properties
  • Outstanding dimensional accuracy
  • High strength (>130 MPa)
  • Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio: metal replacement
  • Greater chemical stability than PA12
  • Suitable for medical applications – compatible with autoclave sterilisation
  • Ability to create flat parts and feathered edges
  • High impact and wear resistance
  • No warping, curling or deformation of parts
  • Sustainable process: complete recyclability and no powder wastage

Layer thickness

  • 0.05 mm


  • Black

Hollow structure

  • Not possible

Minimum reproducible dimensions

  • 1mm

Recommended offset/clearance for assemblies

  • n/a

Texture / feel

  • Good surface finish, smoother than typical powder-based parts

Application fields

  • Applications which require high strength and to be lightweight, with flame retardant properties: aerospace, drones, automotive, tooling, propellers and spinning geometries, medical, sports, AGVs and e-mobility, robotic end-of-arm and industrial tooling. This material is suitable for small series production.

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