Unlock layers of invention with our state-of-the-art facilities and materials

We work with schools and leading universities which want to harness the power of 3D printing by offering access to our state-of-the-art facilities and materials.

3D printing allows students and those in the academic industry to turbocharge their research and development cycle.

In a way previously unimaginable, students can now transfer their bold, innovative product designs from sketchpad to the real world incredibly quickly.

Education at all levels has fundamentally changed as institutions prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

Some schools and universities might have invested in small 3D printers to be used as part of the learning process, but purchasing first-class, top-of-the-range machinery like that available at Ricoh 3D remains out of reach.

We are also able to offer the widest selection of materials, including the Ricoh 3D polypropylene (PP), which is the purest on the market.

Our 3D printing experts work alongside those in the academic industry to analyse designs and highlight potential pitfalls before a prototype is put into production. Giving students the perfect opportunity to learn about the 3D print process and high quality 3D printing.

The fast and cost-effective nature of 3D plastic printing gives students the chance to put the product through its paces and see where it can be improved before making adjustments and running the process again.

3D printing is an amazing way to inspire people to become the inventors and creators of tomorrow, rather than being mere consumers. It’s a great, hands-on method to teach problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Why choose Ricoh?

Ricoh has the widest range of 3D printing technologies and 3D print materials to bring any concept to reality. We’re passionate about helping to inspire the inventors of the future – and we have the in-house expertise to push the boundaries. 

Certification: WRAS approval

WRAS Certified

Other industries we specialise in

  • Medical manufacturing


    At Ricoh we have already been involved in exciting medical projects that have made living conditions better for thousands of people
  • Ricoh Aerospace


    Ricoh has the combination of the latest 3D printing expertise to enhance your aerospace manufacturing business
  • Industrial manufacturing


    We can help produce custom manufacturing aids such as jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges