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To take your parts to the next level a secondary post processing operation can be the answer.

Thanks to our 3D Post Processing Solutions we’re able to offer a wide variety of finishing options that both enhance aesthetics and advance performance. Our engineers can also suggest a finishing service according to the part’s purpose and use.

Adhesion | By dividing a model, fabricating and then bonding it together, larger products can be produced.

Painting | By polishing and painting a surface, it is possible to achieve a texture closer to the actual product.

Smoothing | Using an automated process we are able to smooth parts to improve the surface finish.

Dyeing | Using an automated process we are able to colour dye our SLS, MJF and HSS parts including polypropylene.

Inserts | We are able to add threaded inserts into 3D printed parts where the application requires a higher thread strength than can be achieved through conventional drilling and tapping. We offer a range of threaded inserts from M3 up to M6.

AMuCoat Technical Coating | As the quality and accuracy of SLS and MJF parts continues to transform the 3D printing industry, increasingly being used in serial production as well as prototyping, the advances in end-use applications has driven demand for improvements in finish and colours.

AMuCoat not only makes your parts pop, this new finishing option also smooths the porosity of SLS and MJF surfaces. AMuCoat is currently available in ONYX Yellow, ONYX Grey and ONYX Black, with work underway to expand the colour range.

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