• Ideal for applications requiring high mechanical strength and high heat resistance
  • Resistance to oil and fluids even at high temperatures
  • Parts can be joined, smoothed and dyed

Layer thickness

  • 0.1mm


  • White

Support material

  • None

Hollow structure

  • This is possible however drain holes will need to be added if powder is to be fully removed from the part. See our print guides for more information

Minimum reproducible dimensions

  • ≥ 0.8mm approx.

Recommended offset/clearance for assemblies

  • ≥ 0.6mm distance is recommended.

Texture / feel

  • The surface has a light sandblast finish

Other SLS Materials

  • Automotive part: full-scale oil sump

    PA6 GB

    PA6 GB used for parts that require resistance to heat
  • Industrial application: rotary atomiser


    Superior purity which offers impressive versatility for a multitude of applications

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