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Aluminium Metal Binder Jetting

In 2021, Ricoh announced a new and exciting metal binder jetting (MBJ) technology, intended to realise the ambition of end-use metal parts production using 3D printing.

Ricoh’s proprietary metal binder jetting solution, housed in Ricoh 3D’s brand new metal-focussed Customer Experience Centre (CEC) harnesses the company’s leading inkjet printhead expertise to produce aluminium parts in complex shapes at speed and in a stable manner.

How does MBJ work?

Why work with Ricoh 3D?

Ricoh’s leading Aluminium Binder Jetting technology – combined with our 3D printing systems – ensures your projects are safe, smart and sustainable.

Our reliable ‘one print for one part’ methodology is enabled through an intuitive design interface combined with expert operators, who are flexible during planning to prototype to product. In a controlled production environment, complex, sophisticated and game-changing parts are created, whilst boasting low powder processes, high recycling rates and reduction of waste parts.

The Ricoh solution makes it possible to use aluminium powder with the high-volume cost efficiency of the binder jetting process, thanks to the following unique properties:

  • Contributes to the weight reduction and improved heat dissipation of metal parts by realising shapes that cannot be produced with existing technologies.
  • The binder jet method saves time and resources due to its high productivity and the ability to reuse unused materials.
  • Ricoh’s industrial inkjet printhead technology, developed over 40 years, enables stable manufacturing of parts with complex shapes.
  • Capable of processing aluminum alloy, which is widely used for metal parts.

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