FDM Printing

Injection moulding is a reliable and cost-effective way to manufacture at medium to high volumes.

Ricoh Injection Moulding Process Diagram

The injection moulding process traditionally involves creating a hard tool manufactured from steel.  

The introduction of high-speed machining meant that soft tooling in aluminium also became economically viable for medium to low volumes. Today, with improvements in machine accuracy and material properties, a 3D prototype insert can be created using 3D printing. These tools can produce low volumes of components that are representative of the final parts.

The Ricoh 3D team has decades of experience with 3D printing, making us the ideal partner for a full end-to-end, design-to-manufacturing process.

The process can offer fast production, low part cost and reduced waste.

At Ricoh 3D we offer a choice of hundreds of materials and colours for parts, including all standard, engineering and high-performance polymers.

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