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Earlier this week, Ricoh 3D proudly announced its successful re-accreditation with the ISO 13485 certification, allowing the company to continue the production of medical devices using 3D printing technologies going forward. 
The accreditation for ‘Production of Medical Devices (as stipulated by the customer) using 3D Printing Technologies’ involves a rigorous assessment of the company’s ability to consistently provide medical devices that meet both customer and regulatory requirements as well as stringent safety standards. 
Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL) – The Home of Ricoh 3D, responsible for the production of the 3D-printed medical parts and devices, underwent the recent assessment to ensure compliance with the requirements of the certification. The results were highly satisfactory, and RPL was successfully registered against the rigorous standards. 
This marks an expected but fulfilling win for Ricoh 3D, as the certification ensures that the additive manufacturing team can continue to confidently produce high-quality medical devices that meet the requirements of both customers and regulatory standards. 
“We are delighted to have achieved re-accreditation with ISO 13485 certification” said Richard Minifie, Senior Engineer at Ricoh 3D. 

Richard Minifie said he was "delighted" for Ricoh 3D to have been re-accredited with ISO 13485 certification.

“This achievement is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety, and we look forward to continuing to work with our clients in the medical sector.” 

He added: “At Ricoh 3D, we are committed to continuous improvement; recently, we have enhanced our back-office systems by deploying more features from AMFG, which for example, complement our robust manufacturing processes, process and material traceability, and overall customer journey.” 
Ricoh 3D has become widely recognised in recent years for leading innovations in 3D printing and the team’s continued contribution to the medical industry – most notably winning a TCT Healthcare Application Award in 2022, as well as notable work in other key sectors. With this recent re-accreditation, the company remains well-positioned to continue its growth in the industry. 

Ricoh 3D’s involvement in the medical sector has come to be widely appreciated; with the production of lighter-weight, more comfortable, durable and affordable medical parts/devices, it is with no doubt that significant impact has been achieved, with further potential yet to come…  
In fact, customers relying on the quality, safety and efficacy of medical devices have heightened efficacy thanks to Ricoh 3D’s production. This has been backed by several inspiring stories shared by their clients. Take a look at some of the case studies below from Ricoh 3D’s work with the Orthotic Research and Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust

More information on Ricoh 3D’s involvement in the medical sector can be accessed here.  
At Ricoh, employees pride themselves on “doing the right things, right away.” This continues to be an essential part of daily operations within the Additive Manufacturing division. 

As the use of 3D printing technology continues to evolve in the medical sector, Ricoh 3D remains committed to leading developments and supporting medical needs, simultaneously ensuring the very highest standards and certifications are met.  

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