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Ricoh 3D has launched a new powder material for selective laser sintering, producing super strong components ideally suited to the automotive sector.

Ricoh 3D is now offering PA6 material for SLS parts after its final material qualification part was produced and verified last month.

PA6 is an unfilled Nylon 6 material with properties similar to those of injection moulded Nylon 6 parts.

It enables the production of components where mechanical strength and heat stability are key requirements.

Enrico Gallino, materials specialist at Ricoh, said: “It’s very exciting to now be offering PA6 material for selective laser sintering.

“If you need parts with superior strength, heat and chemical resistance, as well as complex geometries, then we have the answer.

“PA6 material is the ideal solution for interior and exterior automotive components, under-bonnet automotive parts, electrical connectors and functional prototypes.”

PA6 has been proven to offer resistance to oil and fluids, even at high temperature.

Ricoh also offers a range of post-processing solutions with PA6 including joining, smoothing and dyeing. 

The material has a melting temperature of 220⁰C  and a heat deflection temperature of 192oC (0.45Mpa load).

The new PA6 powder has been developed at Ricoh’s state-of-the-art 3D printing facility located at Ricoh UK Products Ltd in Telford, UK.

Ricoh’s experienced team of experts are on hand to advise on the best materials and technologies for every project.

Call 0800 304 7196 or visit rapidfab.ricoh-europe.com for more information.

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