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Ricoh 3D’s leading materials expert will offer manufacturers an in-depth look at powder characterisation during a webinar next week.

Manufacturers working with powders are being urged to register for the Freeman Technology webinar, where our Senior Engineer Material Specialist Enrico Gallino will be the special guest.

Enrico, who has a PhD in Material Science and almost five years of experience across the cosmetic and steel industries, will provide an overview of the important material properties that need to be considered when evaluating new materials.

The webinar, entitled Powder Characterization Tools For Evaluating Polymer Powders For Laser Sintering, takes place on June 2nd from 2pm BST.

Enrico said: “I’m thrilled to have been invited to be guest speaker at this webinar.

“I will provide an overview of our AM activities at Ricoh, including material development and material testing services, some examples of powder characterisation and I’ll stress the importance of powder characterisation to have a robust production process and supply chain.

“A series of different materials will be compared and discussed.

“Lockdown has given some people a chance to take stock and learn. I’m hoping to educate and open a few eyes.”

As additive manufacturing (AM) technology transitions from the fabrication of prototypes to serial production of end-use parts, the understanding of the powder properties needed to reliably produce parts of acceptable quality becomes critical.

Achieving the optimal quality for parts does not only depend on setting the right process parameters. Material feedstock also plays an important role when aiming for high performance products. In the case of selective laser sintering, polymer powders are used as a raw material. Therefore, controlling the quality and correctly characterising the particles used in the process is a key step to successfully applying polymer AM techniques and also to expand the range of material that can be processed with this technology.

To register, visit:  https://www.freemantech.co.uk/events/seminars/webinar-powder-characterization-tools-for-evaluating-polymer-powders-for-laser-sintering-june-2020

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