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Face shields are part of Ricoh 3D’s COVID-19 fightback

  • CE and EN-166 certified
  • Produced in white natural Polypropylene
  • Transparent face screen with anti-mist coating to prevent restricted visibility
  • One size fits all: adjustable elastic strapping provides secure fit
  • Foam strip for added comfort
  • Simple to assemble – instructions included with shipment
  • Lightweight
  • Screens made from environmentally friendly PET: fully recyclable
  • Face shields are shipped in boxes of 50 therefore:- Quantity: 1 = one box of 50 shields (£100)

To order contact Paris.Newman@ricoh-rpl.com, call +44 7867 143779 or buy online:

“It’s crucial that our PPE stands up to the demands of the emergency healthcare environment. The Ricoh 3D mask is comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time, which really makes the difference on a 12-hour shift.”

Debbie Morris ~ Nurse, New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton


Ricoh 3D normally operates as a B2B company, but we have recognised that these are extraordinary times and we want to play our part in protecting our extraordinary essential workers. Our ordering portal caters to engineers and product designers, which means the process is a little more complicated for members of the public. We’ve laid out simple instructions below to help make ordering as straightforward as possible.

*Please note: although production fields can be adjusted in the ordering portal, face shields will be produced in Polypropylene to a predefined specification. If order quantity is not in multiples of 50 you will be asked to amend your order or we will not be able to proceed.

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