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“With PROTIQ, Ricoh 3D has taken another step in fortifying its position as an industry-leader in 3D printing.”

Joining PROTIQ Marketplace

With over 80 years of manufacturing experience and growing partnerships, Ricoh 3D is proud to announce its collaboration with PROTIQ Marketplace – a versatile online marketplace for industrial 3D printing.

The dedicated web portal allows users to upload and configure 3D models and resultingly provides the right solutions to businesses and customers, through accurate quoting and listings of materials, technologies and providers who can assist with your additive manufacturing (AM) needs.

The portal itself includes features that actively support your business processes, including convenient approval and ordering processes and an optimised configurator, with which you can upload entire assemblies.

PROTIQ works with members/providers who produce the desired products and parts and then ship them to customers.

Ricoh 3D is delighted to have joined the marketplace in April 2023 to expand its provision of industry-leading polypropylene. Known for its superior purity and versatility, this new offering will cater to a multitude of applications and is available on the PROTIQ Marketplace with immediate effect. What’s more, Ricoh 3D will be just one of two providers of polypropylene.

Find out more about Ricoh’s polypropylene material by clicking here.

Visit Ricoh 3D’s PROTIQ profile by clicking here.

An Integrated Approach

The web portal coincides with Ricoh 3D’s own integrated approach, which allows customers and partners to work closely with the team, attain instant quotations, and understand how AM could help grow businesses.

Regardless of whether you’re a small or large business, Ricoh 3D has always aimed to make processes more profitable, productive, sustainable, and secure – and needless to say, this new marketplace offering will expand Ricoh’s offering to customers within Europe.

Said Senior Engineer, Richard Minifie: “We are delighted and proud to announce our partnership with PROTIQ allowing us to offer our 3D printing service through their online Marketplace.

“Our class-leading polypropylene is now available through the Marketplace and we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership between Ricoh and PROTIQ going forward.”

A key factor in the decision to join the Marketplace was PROTIQ’s commitment to shaping the future of additive manufacturing. The values of research and collaboration with universities align with Ricoh 3D’s own commitment of actively working with colleges, universities, and educational institutions, many of whom will engage the 3D printing experts of the future.

Supporting You

Are you looking to fulfil your manufacturing requirements? Simply upload your CAD files today and let Ricoh 3D handle the rest.

Need some further support? PROTIQ has been providing expertise in additive manufacturing for the Phoenix Contact Group since 2010 – and are available to contact any time thanks to their worldwide presence. You can also contact Ricoh 3D directly on the dedicated Marketplace profile.

And don’t worry, Ricoh 3D is not limited to polypropylene… For other materials and technologies, explore the Ricoh 3D website or contact us directly.

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