HSS MJF Technology

High Speed Sintering / Multi-Jet Fusion

Layers without lasers

HSS and MJF are the latest developments in the powder bed fusion technology range. These technologies are up to 100 times faster than any other powder bed fusion process, and are ideally suited to the manufacturing of high volume parts.

How does HSS work?

HSS combines the process of binder jetting with the materials of SLS printing. This cutting-edge technology uses an inkjet head to apply a heat-absorbent ink across the powder bed surface in the areas that are to be sintered to create parts. This ink then absorbs the heat from an infrared lamp and series of heaters inside the printer to form 3D-printed parts. 

Ricoh HSS Process Flow Diagram
HSS Process Flow Diagram

HSS is very similar to the Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) process licensed by HP, with the main difference being the additional layer of ‘detailing agent’ used in the HP process, that is applied via the inkjet head following the heat-absorbent ink.

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