3D minimum feature size image

Each 3D printer and technology has different printing capabilities, and there are a number of common features that are used in the industry to test these. There are any number of print scenarios that are well documented, so the team here at Ricoh 3D have identified the minimum feature sizes that need to be considered at design phase.

Minimum Feature Size

This is the minimum size that we can guarantee the system will be able to print. Any features under this size may not be reproduced by the printer. 

Offsets & Moving Parts

This is the minimum distance required between multi body parts to achieve a clearance fit, allowing the free movement of parts. Any features under this value may end up being produced as one part or feature, and may not function as intended.


This is the minimum size required for the printer to reproduce a clean hole.


This is the accepted tolerance for each technology that has to be considered during the design phase.  

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