Metrology Services

Quality that measures up.

No shortcuts taken. No corners cut. That’s the approach we take at every turn at Ricoh 3D, and the reason we offer advanced metrology services as well as full inspection reporting. Our engineers are fully trained in each of the technologies we use and will provide you with accurate data in addition to advising on measurement strategies. 

We offer a range of contact and non-contact metrology services upon request, enabling us to provide measurement reports for all 3D printed parts. We offer this through a range of technologies including Full CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) service, and Laser Scanners.

Catering from one to one million parts, we can adapt to your requirements. 

These services include:

Contact measurement systems

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) | Our CMM uses a Renishaw probe that provides an accurate, high-precision, 3D measuring environment. The 3D printed component is measured by the machine, which provides the key data required to create a differential report that compares the actual measurements with those provided in the 3D model data.

Non-contact systems

3D Laser Scanning | When measuring thin walled complex shapes we offer a non-contact measurement system using laser scanning to avoid any risk of distortion. The scanned surfaces are then used to take measurements and provide the basis of differential reports.

Vision Systems |For fast measurements of simple components, vision systems allow us to precisely measure parts, or features within parts, to ensure they meet your specifications.


 All components are validated as standard with a simple and fast measurement process, ensuring parts are within specification prior to shipment.

Differential Reports | We compare the measurement results of the product from the 3D measuring instruments and the customer’s 3D model data (design data) and provide a colourmap of the differences. This allows you to accurately evaluate the finished 3D printed component and improves efficiency when assessing a prototype in preparation for mass production.

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