At Ricoh, we work with a wide range of materials that can be used to improve performance and viability of your part.

By understanding the properties of these materials, our Ricoh experts can advise and make recommendations to achieve the best outcome. Our state-of-the-art material testing technologies makes us unique in the industry.

If you require any assistance with materials selection, one of our team would be happy to help. Contact us here.

All Materials

  • Ricoh Injection Moulding


    FDM is the most widely available 3D printing process

    HSS combines the process of binder jetting with the materials of SLS printing
  • Ricoh Injection Moulding

    Injection Moulding

    Ricoh produce five million mouldings per month
  • Ricoh SLS Process


    We utilise our own in-house SLS printing equipment
  • Virtual Food Storage Sample

    Virtual Samples

    Ricoh can offer a range of samples across all technologies and materials

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