Quality Control

Metrology services

Quality is at the heart of everything Ricoh do, and a standard quality control process is applied to every single print. In addition, we offer an advanced metrology service and full inspection report. We offer this through a range of technologies including Full CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) service, and Laser Scanners

Coordinate Measuring

The 3D printed component is measured with specialist 3D CMM that generates a difference report comparing the actual measurements with those provided in the 3D model data (design data).

Our CMM uses a Renishaw probe that provides an accurate, high-precision, 3D measurement environment. Our Ricoh engineers are experienced with inspection and measurement, providing our customers with accurate measurement data and can advise on measurement strategies.

3D Laser Scanning

In addition to the contact measurements generated on the CMM we also offer a contact measurement system using Laser Scanning. This is perfect for those thin walled complex shapes that could distort using the contact measuring systems. The scanned surfaces can be used to take measurements, or a differential report is generated comparing the scanned and digital data.

Differential Reports

We compare the measurement results of the product from the 3D measuring instruments and the customer’s 3D model data (design data) and provide a colourmap of the differences. This allows you to accurately evaluate the finished 3D printed component and improves efficiency when assessing a prototype in preparation for mass production.