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We are able to offer a comprehensive range of post-processing solutions, to take your parts to the next level.

Post-processing services

With our 3D print fabrication service, customers can choose from a variety of finishing options to suit their requirements. Our engineers experienced with 3D printer fabrication can also suggest a finishing service according to the part’s purpose and use.

Adhesion (SLS method, PA12 only) By dividing a model, fabricating and then bonding it together, larger products can be produced.
Cutting With partial processing it is possible to improve the surface and dimension accuracy of only the necessary section.
Hole Diameter Finish With the addition of hole processing, it is possible to improve the accuracy of hole diameters and the pitch between holes.
Screw Processing With inserts and heliserts, it is possible to improve the strength and durability of screw holes.
Painting etc. By polishing and painting a surface, it is possible to achieve a texture closer to the actual product.
Smoothing Using an automated process we are able to smooth parts to improve the surface finish.
Dyeing Using an automated process we are able to colour dye our SLS, MJF and HSS parts including polypropylene. Currently we are only able to offer black.