Case Studies

3D printing case studies

Take a look at where Ricoh Rapid Fab has supported customers with real 3D printing applications across automotive, industrial and medical sectors.

Volkswagen Group Components

VW optimises its production chain using Polypropylene components

RICOH’s Additive Manufacture capabilities with Polypropylene was used by Volkswagen Group Components to test prototype car parts in an end-use material.

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3D printed jigs and fixtures lead to a zero defect rate during printer assembly

When individual workers are handling a large numbers of similar parts in the product assembly process, mistakes are easily made. Ricoh looked to our own printer production first to assess where we could reduce assembly errors and improve production efficiencies, before providing these solutions to our customers. After traditional improvement strategies had been exhausted, the entire production process was successfully revised using 3D-printed assembly line jigs to reconstruct the production line. Read how assembly errors were completely eradicated and production efficiency dramatically improved.

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Bottle Puck

Optimised jig design increases bottle production by 20%

Additive Manufacture was used to supply tooling to replace conventionally manufactured jigs. A conveyor was used to transit blow moulded toner bottles for automated checking.

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Personalised orthotics using 3D scanning

Prescription Footware Associates Ltd. (PFA) produce sheet formed orthotics for patients with weak joints. They were looking to digitize production of their medical orthotic range which was previously manually manufactured and required skilled artisans.

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Dynamic Feeding Aids Logo

Customised envelope feed aid increases productivity by 80%

A device is needed to ensure envelopes are kept parallel to Production printers when fed through. A design was developed that increased productivity 80%, however faced costs in production and assemble.

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Medical Mechanical Assembly

3D-printed lever gives patients freedom from orthotic device

The Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) worked with RICOH Rapid Fab through design consultation, rapid prototyping and full part manufacture to produce a 3D printed lever used to assist with putting on and taking off of an orthotic device.

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Rotary Atomisers

Ricoh manufactures complex atomizer design with 3D printing

Rotary Atomizers are an industrial solution for dust suppression, odour control, humidification and adiabatic cooling. 3D printing enables the realisation of the complex geometries in both the MicroMist Max and MicroMist Marvel designs.  These innovative solutions would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to manufacture via other methods.

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