Ricoh employee wearing 3D printed protective covid face shield

With social distancing restrictions becoming a fact of life, create a coronavirus-safe environment for your workforce, classroom or residents with our range of Covid safety measures sold without profit and starting from £2.00.

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Face Shield

  • CE and EN-166 certified
  • Produced in white natural Polypropylene
  • Transparent face screen with anti-mist coating to prevent restricted visibility
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable elastic strapping provides secure fit
  • Foam strip for added comfort
  • Simple to assemble – instructions included with shipment
  • Lightweight
  • Screens made from environmentally friendly PET: fully recyclable

Door hooks

  • Enables individuals to open doors touch-free
  • Can be fitted to lanyard for easy instant access
  • Produced in natural grey Nylon 12
  • Available in two lengths

Hand grips

  • Personal handle which allows objects to be picked up without direct contact
  • Can be fitted to lanyard for easy instant access
  • Produced in white natural Polypropylene

Room Occupancy Controls

  • Simple sliding indicator signage which allows the number of people inside rooms to be controlled and clearly communicated, for facilities with occupancy limits
  • The occupant simply slides the counter over (using their personal hook) to indicate their presence inside the facility
  • Male and female versions available, in 1,2,3 occupancy limits but numbers can be customised
  • Produced in natural grey PA12

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