• Most widely used industrial thermoplastics across automotive, aerospace, medical and many other applications
  • Offers accuracy, durability and stability; creating strong parts that withstand functional testing
  • Heat resistant with superior mechanical properties to ABS and several other thermoplastics
  • Perfect for concept modelling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts

Layer thickness

  • 0.1778mm
  • 0.2540mm
  • 0.3302mm


  • White

Support material

  • Breakaway
  • Soluble

Minimum reproducible dimensions

  • 1.0mm

Texture / feel

  • Due to the extrusion process of FDM printing the layers are easily visible resulting in a stepped surface finish.
  • A wood grain pattern can appear on curved surfaces.

Other FDM Materials

  • Ricoh FDM ABS-ESD7


    Durable and electrostatic-dissipative thermoplastic
  • abs-m30


    Stronger than standard FDM ABS material
  • ABS-M30i material


    High strength, durable and fine feature detail
  • ASA example


    Outstanding UV stability and mechanical properties

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