• Ability to withstand high temperatures without losing structural integrity
  • Alternative to Nylon 12 FR
  • Superior insulating properties compared to thermoplastics
  • Flame retardant properties (UL94 V0 rating for a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm)
  • Good isotropic mechanical properties
  • High chemical stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Material formulation can be fully customised (colour, mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties etc)
  • Thermoset High Performance: High Performance Polymers (HPP) stand out due to excellent dimension stability, low shrinkage (<1%) and the possibility to print large parts. Additionally, parts printed with HPP materials are printable at temperatures <70°C
  • Thermoset Top Performance: Top Performance Polymers (TPP) stand out due to excellent heat resistance and creep behaviour, but also due to outstanding mechanical properties. We are able to adjust the properties of the material to best fit your needs. TPP materials have great electrical insulating properties and high chemical resistance
  • Thermoset FR: A flame retardant material with good isotropic and mechanical properties, together with high chemical stability.

Layer Thickness

  • 0.1 mm


  • Pale yellow (customised colours available on demand)

Support material

  • None

Hollow structure

  • This is possible however drain holes will need to be added if powder is to be fully removed from the part. See our print guides for more information

Minimum reproducible dimensions

  • TBC

Recommended offset/clearance for assemblies

  • TBC

Texture / feel

  • Smooth surface

Application fields

  • Automotive, aerospace, railway, e-mobility, electrical appliances, consumer goods. The material is suitable for prototyping and small series serial production

Other Selective Laser Sintering Materials

  • Industrial application: rotary atomiser


    Superior purity which offers impressive versatility for a multitude of applications

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